Monday, June 3, 2013


The more difficult my life becomes, the harder I search for peace, serenity and a way to cope with it all.  I have been doing a few nature mandalas lately, and found a way that works for me. I used a 6" saucer and traced around it with a light pencil.  I then divided the circle into 6 sections, and started drawing in ink, the 6 different types of mushrooms that I like.  I then erased all of the pencil lines and started adding in simple details to distinguish the different mushrooms.  During the process, I made sure to have a 'safe' place to draw, with no interruptions, and concentrated on only positive thoughts (this is what they suggest you do when drawing any mandala).  I will complete the mandala in the next session when I find quiet time, and will be doing the color pencil work to give the mushrooms dimension.  They say that working inside a circle helps you to complete a thought, find balance and work through things.  I am sure it takes quite a bit of practice!  I have troubles just quieting my mind!  I will be doing more of these, though, simply because I LOVE CIRCLES!!!

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