Monday, May 19, 2014


I am still working on finding my happy place, and getting out of the emotional slump that only family can provide.  This is an imaginary place, from a memory of one of my women's retreats to Land Between the Lakes.  I found the horizon line to look a bit crooked, even though I measured it, and I think it is a visual problem with the slope of the hills and trees. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the effect, and I worked diligently on representing both cirrus and stratus clouds in a believable manner.  When I was much younger, I did some flight schools, and my favorite thing about them was to fly through and above the clouds.  While I would have liked to go on to be a pilot, the fuel became too expensive to log enough hours, so I continued with my pursuit to become an artist.  Still, clouds are close to my heart as a subject!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Happy Place #1

It is amazing how emotional stress can really drop you into the has taken me a few weeks to be able to paint again.  When I did start painting, it was in my mind to go to my 'happy place'.  So here is "My Happy Place #1".  It is an image out of my imagination.  A combination of golden fields from Wyoming, vineyards of California, and forests of the Midwest.  I worked hard to make the cumulus clouds believable.  This is a painting done in acrylic on a 5"x5" canvas.  I have already begun "Happy Place #2", so stay tuned!  Oh, and I am trying to listen to that inner voice that tells me when to STOP painting.  Usually I want to add detail, make everything perfect, and smooth.  This time I stopped in time to leave some really good shadows in the golden fields...Yeah!