Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Yup! I am still feeling crafty...or artsy-fartsy, as my little brother used to say.  Today I did some leaf pounding, with a bit of an artistic bent.  I used a board. Put an art paper down (I used 140 lb paper). I picked a 'juicy' evergreen frond from my back yard.  By juicy, I mean that it has a lot of chlorofil in it. Fall leaves aren't usually very good for this because it is the end of the season, and the plant isn't producing much fluid.  Leaves are really best in the spring for this (Flowers, too!).
 I covered the evergreen with a sheet of waxed paper...
 I covered the whole thing with an old washcloth, doubled, and beat the crap out of it!  You have to really hit it hard to transfer the color from the plant to the paper, so choose a day you need to get your frustrations out.
 This is what my paper looked like after the pounding.  I am going to try this again in the spring...

 I used the evergreen, a wild grape leaf, and a dogwood leaf.

 Then I dug out my fine tip Sharpee, and started sketching in some of the finer details.

 I think that they came out fairly well.
I plan on matting and framing these three for a Christmas gift.  They are 5X5, and a nice little set for a surprise.

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