Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Artist's Vicious Cycle

Photo by Rose Altom

The Artist's Vicious Cycle

I have continued with my reading of "Art and Fear".  What I have gleaned this week from it, is the amazing cycle of fear and loathing that artists go through (I recognize myself here, or I wouldn't be writing about it).

Put simply:    If artist=self,  then making flawed art=flawed self.  Making no art=being no self!

I find myself in this cycle all the time!  I am worried about not being perfect, so I hesitate to put paint to canvas.  When I don't do my art, I don't feel like a worthy person.  There has got to be some way out of this cycle!

According to the authors of "Art and Fear" there are many paths to leaving the cycle of viciousness behind. Here are a couple...

1. Don't delude yourself into believing that art is your sole identity.

2.People aren't perfect, so you don't have to be, either.

3. Remember that most of your art work is a practice to getting to where you want to be...truly expressing yourself.

I suppose that it will have to be a conscious effort on my part to breaking that cycle of sheer terror every time I step up to a canvas.  I draw more often than not because I am less frightened of messing up a piece of paper.  The creative process requires effort, practice, and practice.  I read somewhere that talent is rarely distinguishable over the long run, from perseverance and lots of hard work.  It's good to have talent, but better to have determination!

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