Monday, March 5, 2012



I don't often have the courage to draw straight from the heart, with no reference materials, no guides but what is already in me.  This piece is about the roots that we grow, even when we are unaware of them.  We have the roots of family, places, and people.  To me, however, some of the roots get tangled up with the baggage of things we cannot let go.  Whether it is the baggage of past abuses, the cruelty of having been used by someone, or the anger at being manipulated by those who 'love' us, we are weighed down by the 'stones' of negativity.  I drew this, and looked hard at my inabilities to let go of all of that and loosen those heavy burdens.  Too deep, I know, for a lovely spring day, but sometimes I need to dig deep to move forward!  What are your thoughts on your own metaphores?

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