Friday, June 15, 2012


This rather tattered butterfly, distorted by life and heavy winds, was difficult to render.  I am always saddened by the shortness of life for some of the most beautiful of God's creatures.  I used two different types of ink on this drawing, a fine tip Sharpee to render the fur, and ink brushes to get some strong, dark shades. Nature is not always kind to it's population, and I am thinking that destruction of the more fragile in it's world is inevitable. I am going to call this drawing "Ethan's Butterfly" in honor of my grandson, who was in this world much too short of a time, and who was one of God's most beautiful of creatures.


Beau T said...

Thats a really nice piece and the title makes it even more special. I incorporate butterflies into my work a fair bit as they symbolise so many things. Great Post! :)

Rose Altom said...

Thanks for that. It is easier to sometimes use symbols for what we are feeling, isn't it? Amazing what is in our unconscious brain!