Sunday, March 10, 2013


This is the only picture that I have of this particular piece of work that I did last year. I drew the fawn in pencil, and did some collage work, with oriental papers and dried leaves. I was really proud of this piece, and gave it as a gift to someone I am especially fond of.  When I visited this month, I discovered that the piece was dropped, and basically destroyed. No "I am so upset about it!", no "I really liked the piece", just an in the trash throwaway moment for the person it was given to.  I was a TINY bit upset. For a few weeks. Then I tried to be logical and not emotional about the situation.  I released my art into the world.  Noone knows what will happen to their art when they sell or give it away.  Most of the time we are lucky enough not to find out! Certainly, we must understand that we are more emotionally attached to that work of art than the buyer.  We need to learn that all important lesson of letting go.  Moving on to the next thing. Looking forward.  It is the journey, after all.

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