Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I painted this particular impressionistic landscape while living in Great Falls, Montana.  They have a lovely park in the center of town, as well as a river running through.  I was taking a weekend art workshop, learning to paint impressionistically.  The first day was frustrating for me.  If you have perused my portfolio, you know by now that I am a detail oriented person.  Crisp and clear is what I like!  But I was trying to branch out and grow a bit.  So here I was, struggling with the entire concept of NOT painting details.  Obviously, my instructor was frustrated as well...with me!  By the second day, he stomped up to me and told me to 'unfocus'.  When I couldn't do that, he grabbed my glasses and walked off, saying "You will get your glasses back at the end of the day".  Well...I cannot see 4" in front of my face without glasses, so squinting at the garden, I began to paint what I saw.  Eureka!  No wonder Monet painted his waterlillies impressionistically!  He couldn't see the darn things!  Hence, 'impression'.   As you can see by the results, I got the concept and painted the garden.  Pretty good for a blind woman!  I am pleased with the results, and it taught me how to loosen up (at least for the backgrounds of my paintings).  I call this 'Braille Gardens', after my experience.  Hope you like it!

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