Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Year!  With the year 2014 upon us, I have decided to make a few new resolutions dealing with my creative side...well, it is not so much a resolution as a REVOLUTION! I am revolting from my old ways, and attempting to change my habits to grow creatively.
First, I have decided that I am not progressing in my painting.  While my drawing skills have developed over the past year, I miss working with paint, and bringing large color into my life.  So I will be doing a painting a week (inasmuch as my life will allow it: with an ailing mother-in-law, and a lot of trips north ahead of us, I will do my very best!)
Second, I have been rather scattered in my art time.  I will be scheduling my time better, and making it a priority in my week.
Third, I will utilize my studio.  Lately I have gotten very lazy with my drawing, and have been working at the dining table or even (shocker!) in my easy chair!  That does not place my art in the priority level that it should be.  I will be working in my studio, where I will feel professional, and not such a hobbyist.
I am hoping that these changes will help me to focus.  I am trying to redefine my own idea of art.  What do I want to say?  What is art to me?
I am a procrastinator...or just plain lazy, but I know that somewhere deep inside me is an artist with a lot to create.  Over the next year, I will be exploring, developing, and creating that which is hidden away.  I am reminded of a quote: "She was like the moon...Part of her was hidden"  I am searching for that part of me that is hidden.  I welcome you to come along and help me to discover it!


guin saunders said...

I love the photograph in this post. Good luck with your resolution(revolution haha)
I found your blog on artists blogs and have followed you


Rose Altom said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. Unfortunately, my revolution came to a screeching halt with a bad case of the flu, but I am up and running again! I look forward to checking out your blog as well!