Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yes, excuses, excuses...I have been down with a nasty case of the flu since last I posted, as well as a few major and minor crises (crisises?)  However, this is my drawn and revised drawing on an 8x10 canvas, which I will be painting this week.  For your information, and your amusement, I will tell you that I had a devil of a time with the tail of the bird.  It is at an odd angle, and my photo from last spring did NOT do the bird justice.  I eventually just stuck a 'fig leaf' in the appropriate position and decided to move on, or I would never get this painting off the ground!  I overthink EVERYTHING!!!  I am determined to paint, good or bad, so keep on encouraging me to get up and do it...I know I can do something important one day.

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