Monday, March 3, 2014


Yes, I really am painting!  I have been fighting my new computer tooth and nail...I am not sure that I like Windows 8 at all!  Finally capable of downloading pics from my camera, though it takes 3 times as long. I am still not on mobile...what is the difference between SMS and MMS?  It obviously doesn't like SMS, so will try the other when hubby stops swearing...and Blogger doesn't seem to like my new search engine and keeps rejecting is like being in high school all over again!!!  However.... back to the painting.  I am actually finished with this painting, and will post the pictures ASAP, but I wanted to show you a bit of the process.  Initially, I used Ultramarine mixes in the background, and didn't like it at all, so switched to Cerulean, and am much happier.  I did what I call 'sculpting' of my paint, starting with some base darks and building up to really give some dimension to the bird.  I am using acrylics, by the way.  I decided to throw out my usual OCD detail work, and have started working the feathers in such a way as to give movement rather than a stiffer 'perfect' brush stroke, and I am finally feeling like I am developing my very own style!  It has taken years to get away from technical training enough to find the art in my soul.  It is coming along....

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