Monday, January 2, 2012

The holidays are finally done, and around my house, it isn't just the holidays that are busy!  It seems like all of our birthdays are at the same time, as well as hubby and my 35th anniversary.  Now that it is settling down a bit, my thoughts return to art and creativity, and how much I have missed doing something every day to nurture that!  While on a drive New Years' Eve, I happened across this well-worn gazebo with a frame set up against it.  I was immediately drawn to it, and my thoughts went to what they had in mind when they 'posed' the scene.  Of course, I then thought about what I would like to put in the frame (being self-minded).  And in a broader sense, what was I going to paint this upcoming year?  Did I have goals in mind?  Where did I want to grow creatively?  I am mulling all of these questions over this week, as I return to my easel and sketchbooks.  I have a vague idea of posting some challenges this year....paint your favorite veggie, or something like that, if those of you keeping track of this blog are interested in getting some of your own paintings posted here.  I would certainly like to get to know you better.  It gets kind of lonely in this computer monitor in a small town.  Meanwhile, expect the art to fly in the next few days!  I have in mind some pyrography art pieces, some still life studies and maybe something wild and abstract to shake up things!

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