Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Unfinished paintings...Sea Shells in Oils

As I am still not feeling great (my coughing interferes with my drawing a straight line) I have decided to share with you a few of my unfinished paintings that are still in limbo.  I haven't decided whether to finish them or scrap the whole project.  Some of the paintings are a mystery to me.  I can't remember if I used oil or acrylic to paint them.  This is a big problem, as painting acrylic over oil seldom works out well.  The way that I choose to determine the medium is to get a bit of paint thinner on a rag, and rub it across an area of the painting that won't show, or needs more work.  If paint comes off, it is oil.  Acrylic won't immediately react to the thinner.

Today's painting-in-limbo is sea shells in oils.  I think that I have a good start on this one, and the composition is workable.  What could be a potential problem is that I used oils with morager medium.  I no longer work with that medium because of the toxicity of it (and a possible allergy), so I must do a bit of research to find out if I can finish it off with another medium, such as linseed oil.  New Year's Resolution #150--finish this.

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