Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The Sun Challenge is the most popular one of the year at Art Challenge.com.  You pray that you will be picked up as one of the lucky suns for CBS Sunday Morning show.  So many of the competitors have been good enough to see their art on the popular news show...and I hope mine is one of them!  I chose a simple design with a sweet and happy face.  I didn't want to be a negative influence on the show if chosen.  I am really disappointed in myself for not getting into my painting studio and doing the sun that is in my head...it is a painting that I will want to do for me.  It is there, percolating, simmering, and not quite ready to be created.  Maybe by next year I will have it done!  Meanwhile, I am quite fond of this sweet-faced sunny disposition.  It made me smile to create it!  Happy Sun-day!

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