Monday, April 1, 2013


 I was looking one day to contain some of the 'keywords' that inspire me when looking for some ideas in my artwork.  I found this tiny (4"x6") text book on teaching art to children.  It has wonderfully heavy and slick pages to glue onto. I started by cutting interesting, inspiring key words out of magazines...
 ...I then started gluing them into my new inspiration journal.  I grouped them together as I felt so inclined to, and at one point, even cut up words into odd syllables and re-assigned them into new words for inspiration!
I also put words on pages to give me ideas for subjects to paint.  I moved the words around to give me ideas on how to paint them.  Metal weeds...square oranges...I look at my book often to get inspired, and I continue to add to it on down days when I can't even get inspired to pick up a brush.

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