Saturday, September 3, 2011



I am back to this painting AGAIN!  I keep trying to finish it, and it stands there, mocking me.  I have been encouraged by my last painting (actually completed), so I have dragged this half done canvas down into my kitchen, where it glares at me whenever I walk through.  It has rather accusing eyes, I think.  "Why have you taken 3 years to complete me?"  It is first attempt at a really large painting.  I think I am intimidated by it.  But I refuse to let it beat me!  I will get this painted by the deadline....October 3!


I can see that the proportions are off somehow.  The poor guy looks like he is wearing an oversized cape.  Are his ears too big or too little???  Should the trunk be wider?  It is difficult to research an animal that has only a skeleton to go by.  I must guess, and rely on my own artistic license.  This is where I am getting off the track....I don't really trust that artist yet.  Not enough years of positive self-esteem, I guess.  I am giving him a few more days to talk to me before I whip out my paint brushes and come heck or high water ----I will finish this painting!


Jo said...

tis indeed a challange, a full face on is difficult. You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love him, I see a shadow of where his leg starts, maybe you could bring that out some. He has a soulful look. seedy

Rose said...

Good suggestion, seedy! I am going to bring out the legs, and shift him to not have such a full on view. (Thanks to Jo for that!) Also will do something with the tips of the tusks. I don't like the curves.