Saturday, December 3, 2011



The holidays can be lonely for many people.  You can be surrounded by family and friends, and still feel isolated.  I took this picture while strolling the Tennessee River, and the stranded chair (no doubt used to sit on while fishing) spoke to me of that emotional isolation we all feel at some point in time.  Our lives are filled with people we know, work with and speak to...but if we keep our REAL self hidden, it can feel like noone really knows our heart and mind.  I think artists tend to isolate themselves.  Statistics say that artists, poets, and writers tend towards depression.  Their only self-expression is through their work, and if you are having a creative block and can't express yourself...well, then is the time to get out of your hermitage and surround yourself with people.  Go to that party you really didn't want to attend.  Volunteer your services where you think you can be helpful. Get out of the studio and walk in the woods, check out the latest art show, organize a cookie exchange with friends whom you haven't seen in a while.  As for me? I am planning a soup exchange, and a drive through the city to see the Christmas lights.  I am hunting up a few recipes for peppermint cocoa.  I am checking out the Nutcracker Suite as performed by the local dance studio.  I hope that all of you are finding ways to connect and enjoy the holidays!


Anonymous said...

what a cute chair, I even see someone's foot up in the corner. It lookes like a place where there are treasures to be found. Even if it's a foot print of some creature who was there early in the morning not even dreaming he was leaving something behind. We need coffe this week badly. Seedy

Rose Altom said...

You are right! Friends are especially necessary during the holidays, and I need coffee badly, too!