Friday, December 2, 2011



I was able to visit one of my older paintings this week, one that was close to my heart and is now held by a patron of my work.  I painted it in 1997, the year that I was in Albuquerque, NM.  I was taking classes with Carol Allison, a classically trained artist who was able to get to Europe for some 'Masters' training herself.  She was, and still is a great teacher.  Her web link is :
One of the most important things I learned from her was the need to draw, draw, draw!  For this particular piece, I drew the still life, adjusted and redrew it again, and then drew it onto the canvas.  Then, I had to redraw it again as I was painting it, because what you see isn't always correct!  Tulips were particularly challenging, as they change their position with the passing of time.  They open their petals, they continue to 'grow' with every minute that you paint.  I grew to love the simplicity of the tulip, and even today it is one of my favorites because I learned every inch of each one I painted.  My appreciation for nature really began with this painting.  As did my regard for art history and the lessons we can learn from it.


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