Monday, April 9, 2012


'Wildflower Face', a photo by Rose Altom

Happy Easter, all!  I have been absolutely obsessed with my new smart phone camera apps, and as I think of photography as one of the powerfully emerging and universally used arts, decided to share one of my pics.  This was from the app called Pixlr-o-gram for the Android.  I am amazed at how much layering you can do with the filters, and how a completely AWFUL photo can become interesting.  I think this one is fairly successful because of the contrast in the light and dark, and the strong lines.  I am also thinking that most of my bad paintings can be fixed through this technique!  I am going to give it a try...but right now I want to paint flowers.  Lots and LOTS of flowers!  Spring is encouraging me to dig out my unused tubes of bright and cheerful paint, and remind myself that nature is where the purest color comes from!

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