Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is an odd idea for a drawing, but insects have some of the most intense colors I have seen in nature.  This is one of many types of Hoverfly, and I found it a real challenge to try to make the wings look transparent.  They have a soft 'fur' that was interesting to try to draw as well.  As you can see, I started out (by accident) with a light pink pen.  I will try to get my drawing done in a more well-lit place next time!  Bugs are not my favorite creature on this earth, though I know that they have their purposes.  I live out in the woods, and my hubby has to spray constantly to keep the 6 and 8 legged beasties at bay.  Hubby got so tired of killing spiders (I am phobically afraid of them) that he bought me a hand-held bug vacuum just in case he wasn't there, or didn't want to get up out of his easy chair...it has improved his life dramatically!  The only problems that arise now is when the Wolf spider occassionally darkens our doors...it is too big to fit in the vacuum thingy! 

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