Monday, January 14, 2013


I don't often get a bluebird at my feeders. We are situated rather deep in the woods of Tennessee, and bluebirds are fond of fields and bugs.  I think that this one was just curious as to what all the other birds were doing...I had an especially busy day yesterday, with dozens of birds feeding on a new batch of sunflower seeds!  Anyway, my goal this year is to sketch and eventually paint my birds in a more natural position than just profile.  I love the way the bluebirds' feathers layer and fold! I also love the way the slight breeze fluffed some of the down out, giving it a windswept and unkempt look.  I used a super fine tip pilot pen to render this.  He was an almost cerelean blue with a rusty red throat.  Can't wait to get my paint out!

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