Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Forgive my slowness in posting this week...Blogger is having issues with Windows browser, so I cannot post a photo of my latest work.  Hopefully, they will fix this issue quickly...Meanwhile, I will verbally discuss my frustrations with post holidays creativity funks!  Or maybe it is just the fact that I haven't seen the sun in weeks.  Here in Tennessee we are getting rain, clouds, and grumpy hubbies galore.  The new year stretches long before me, the economy is not promising a boost in art sales, and I am searching for my inspiration.  I have begun my spring cleaning in the house this week, and decided to get rid of a lot of old craft is there that I found my spark of creativity, my possible enthusiasm, and an inkling of an idea!  In a VERY old book on masonry and cement techniques, I found a small article on plaster...which led me to think about frescos, which led me to think about landscapes on frescos!  Yes!  I think the softness, the diffusion that happens when working on plaster would make for some very zen paintings.  I am always looking for new ways to add calm and serenity to my space (mandalas should have worked, but didn't for me).  So I am now researching how to do a basic fresco painting on a small scale.  You can find inspiration anywhere, I guess...can't wait to start!

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