Wednesday, June 22, 2011


BORED!  I have been so bored, cloistered indoors while the outdoors swelters with humidity, allergens, and the smell of the paper mill 40 miles away!  I have been sketching a lot lately, but you can tell that I have run out of inspiration and am in a deep creative block with my latest pen and ink....a drawing of nail clippers!  It shows my lack of enthusiasm for doing much of anything right now.  The most creative thing I have done this week is bake brownies for hubby and thaw out some soup made back in November (ahhhh, the good old cool days...)  I have a desperate need for more color.  I really am excited about getting a new painting on the easel.  So why and where did my creativity go?  It left for a bit and I am trying to wheedle it back, lure it in with tiny sketches and promises of joy abundant.  Lordy, lordy, I'd give anything for a cool, dry day!

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