Sunday, June 12, 2011



I am not fond of is my time for hibernation and introspection.  And pouting.  I seem to lose my inspiration and enthusiasm, just to hide away from the heat and humidity of the season.  My health falters this time of year, so I am sure that is a large part of it.  I am allergic to anything growing and dust.  DUST!  So as you can imagine, my creativity is suffering heavily right now.  I am trying to get the old juices flowing with some creative writing.  I have an article coming due for a magazine in July, that I hope will be picked up.  It is a 500 word piece on living your art, and I am enjoying the process of it.  I am also trying to improve my art vocabulary by learning new terms.  If you will notice off to the right, next to the blog lists and other gadgets going on, I have started up an 'Artipedia'.  I will be changing out the words and definitions frequently, as I try to memorize different art terms and increase my knowledge of my chosen career.  Meanwhile, I am taking a few days off to deal with family issues, and will be back with something new and exciting hopefully in about 4 days.  If you have anything inspirational to impart about nasty old hot summer, I would welcome your trying to change my mind about the season.   Otherwise, I will continue to dream of cooler places and times!

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