Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I chose a monochromatic palette for this particular subject...especially after doing some studies on Durer, and going over Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks.  I loved those artists' simple sketches, concentrating on just learning their subjects.  I saw this set of shoes in a military museum...I will admit to actually being a tour guide volunteer for a few years in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was such a fun job!  I loved meeting the interested tourists, and spending time getting to know about the history of the military base I was living on at that time.  These particular shoes amazed me...can you imagine having to wear such uncomfortable things?  I decided on a weird little composition of completing one detailed shoe and adding a line drawing of the second 'shadow' shoe. I only used 2 colored pencils for this. I drew it during a quiet moment in the museum.  I was wearing an 1800's costume gown (minus the cramped corsette) with shoes similar to those I was drawing.  They were the clothes we were supposed to wear as tour guides.  It was storming something fierce that day, and the lights kept flickering in that ancient old building.  I was alone, as the other guide wasn't able to make it, and I swear I kept hearing footsteps coming down the hall!

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