Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As I spent most of the day with dealing with medical professionals (i.e.lab tech vampires!) I didn't get in much creativity.  I drew a young woman sitting across from me waiting to see if she was pregnant (she was), and when I got home, I found a few antique chinese tiles and a funny brass bird, also from China, that I think is a game piece.  I arranged them and drew for a bit.  The rest of the day was spent artistically rearranging the furniture and creatively vacuuming!  I also did some still life arrangements with newly cut Canna Lillies from my garden and chased a wasp all over the house in an effort to evict the unwanted insect.  That was my exercise for the day.  Absolutely the most dull of days, and I sincerely hope that tomorrow is more exciting, unique, entertaining and different! However, it is my intention to draw every day, even a little bit, to continue to get better, and to look at everything in a new light.  Even the dull and every day things can be exciting if looking upon in a creative way. 

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