Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I went to the Arts In McNairy fine arts and crafts meeting tonight, not just to support my local artists, (though that is the noblest reason to go) but to get a chance to meet with other artists, and meet those people who "get it".  Who understand what an amazing thing it is that artists do.  They lay their hearts and souls out for all to see.  Sometimes they get trampled over, and sometimes they touch someone else's heart.  It takes courage to be an artist.  I am in the learning stages of Art: Heart and Soul 101.  I have been an artist for many years, but I haven't been so willing to take risks and lay it all out there.  Because of that timid part of me, I haven't grown as I have wanted to. 

I have loved ones, family and friends, who have loud opinions on what art is, what it should look like, and where I should go with my own art.  While well-meaning, they haven't really asked me what I like, or want out of my art.  I am a Libra...if that means anything.  I love to please everyone.  I want to do representational art for my hubby, watercolor for my mom, abstract for my children, children's books for my friend,....I am so confused by wanting to please all, that I haven't listened to ME. 

Going to the arts meeting tonight has solidified the fact that each of the artists were doing what they loved.  I need to think....what are my most favorite paintings that I have done?  what pieces do I feel have my heart and soul in them?  what do I want to say?

I guess this, too, is a part of the creative process that I have started this blog for...learning who I am as an artist, and meeting those of you out there who are finding your way, as well. 

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