Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am trying something just a bit different, with the encouragement of some of my Facebook friends. I am going to share with you some of the 'still lifes' that are constantly evolving in my own house.  Almost everything that I find in my 'treasure hunting expeditions' to the flea markets and antique stores are chosen with the idea that they will eventually make it into one of my paintings.  I collect odd things, things that catch my eye because of it's color, or graphic sensibilities. I am an avid collector of tea paraphenalia (infusers, tea pots, tea scoops, etc) because of my childhood.  My mother always told me that tea will cure almost everything.  Before I take an asperin, I try a cuppa tea first!  But everything is fair game in this household, as my hubby is an avid collector of all things geological.  I hope you will enjoy this new direction.  If not, I welcome your comments to the contrary!  This particular 'still life' is a favorite in my china cabinet.  I collect Thousand Faces tea sets because of it's amazing color pallete! I have several paintings planned just on the colors of these dishes! The zebras are a nice contrast to all of the color, with a graphic kick for interest.  If you squint your eyes while looking at the grouping, you can see a possibility of all sorts of amazing paintings!


Leah Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the tea pot and dish set. What brand are they? I'm tempted to find a set like that now.

Rose Altom said...

This set is called Thousand Faces. It is from Japan, and you can find them on EBay, in antique stores, etc. They have an embossed star on the bottom, and an RS. As far as I know, they come only in the black (like mine) and orange. I seldom see them in the midwest. I collected all of mine along the coast, where they came in from overseas.