Sunday, August 12, 2012


This trout would definitely be more beautiful done in watercolors, but for this sketch, I was struck by the incredible patterns of spots!  Isn't nature amazing to give this small creature such intricate detail, all for the purpose of camoflage?  If you were to look at the fish in the water, the light and dark spots would look like the sun glancing off of stone in the stream. Sneaky! I had a lot of fun following the dot to dot on this fish...I look forward to doing a painting along that vein.  My studio is in crisis right now. It is having an identity crisis of the worst kind!  I have been cleaning out the garage, and boxed up all the extras to go into the attic (which is entered through a tiny, Alice-in-Wonderland type door in my studio.) The studio is filled with those boxes, awaiting cooler weather to enter the hot furnace of an attic.  I look forward to autumn, and a chance to reclaim my territory!

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