Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have a new class coming up in a week, in which I must paint something, anything, using "mother" colors.  My instructor explains that this means that you pick your predominant color, and then use it in every mix in the painting.  Your darks must have that color, your lights must have that color.  If I were to choose purple as my 'mother' color, I would have to use it throughout the painting. No exceptions!  At this stage of the game, I am in a bit of a panic, as I haven't decided what I will actually paint.  A landscape would be fairly easy, a still life is much too time consuming...I want to do something for this particular class that I have a real, personal connection to, as the instructor is a stickler for communication.  What are you wanting to say with your painting??  Are you communicating your message clearly?? What is the reason for your painting?? If you don't have a reason, then you are wasting your time!!!  I am panicked!!!  I will come up with something, just wait and see....

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