Monday, October 29, 2012


I am working on a painting for my Art Critique class coming up November 1.  The assignment is to use a 'mother' color, choosing a particular paint color, and using it throughout the entire painting, in EVERY mix!  I am choosing for my mother color Cadmium Yellow Medium.  It is a warm color, a bright one and a color I am drawn to.  It reminds me of golden afternoon light and comfort.

We were encouraged for this assignment to pick any subject that we wanted, but as I was doing a 'mother' color, I chose to do a tribute to my own mother.  I will explain further when the painting is completed, but this will have a rubber ducky in the painting!  I loved the basic color, and the challenge of making it come to life and work throughout the painting.  Thank goodness for taking the occasional art class, and getting together with other artists.  Despite the stereotype of the hermit artist, we need that stimulation, and the inspiration of talking 'art'.  Not that I don't LOVE getting some alone time....

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