Thursday, October 11, 2012


One of the things that I learned with the self-portrait class, is that some people find it easier to express their inner selves in an abstract manner.  One especially talented artist named Tuva (beautiful, right!?) did the most amazing piece of art by layering, spraying and building up colors.  She developed a truly wonderful piece of art that was filled with all of her emotions.  She added some light areas that were truly inspiring, contrasted with some of the hideously dark bits that are humanity.  Wow.  Really, WOW!  I am not nearly developed enough as an artist to be able to create something that deep and emotional, but I did decide to play with movement and shapes for a visual emotional play.  This little doodle is my attempt to show what my joy looks like.  Ladders climbing up out of the depths, bubbles flowing upward and bursting into tiny feelings of happy, and waves of movement forward.  What do you think?  Too deep?

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Michel said...

Love your design and story. Thanks