Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My hubby does some truly outrageous things for Valentine's Day.  One of the sweetest was to search out heart shaped rocks whenever we go somewhere special, presenting them with a flourish of flowers, poetry or song.  This year I wanted to present to him one of our favorite heart stones, taken from one of the beaches in California, framed in a Valentine.  I found a lovely filagree metal frame with a 3"x3" opening.  Using foam core board and decorative paper as a background, I hot glued the stone on, wrote a quote from our favorite date movie "Princess Bride" and framed it out.  Valentine's Day will be a bit funky for us this year, as we are volunteering at a fund raiser for adult literacy in the evening, but as usual, hubby planned ahead...Friday we are going to a dinner theatre, an Agatha Christie mystery!  My favorite author, so I am really excited!  I hope that you have made personal plans for your loved ones, be they partners, children, or best friends...and make some wonderful memories.  Happy Valentine's, all!

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