Saturday, February 16, 2013


This is a painting that I did last year at this time, and I have been unable to put it up, sell it, or take pleasure in it because I am having a terrible time framing it!  As a starving artist (metaphorical, of course, if any of you have seen my plump portrait!) I can't afford to have all of my work framed professionally.  I try to find ready made frames, hit estate sales, and even the occasional yard sale or two.  This is a normal enough size, 8"x8"...but nothing seems to work well.  Add to that the fact that I painted it at an angle, to be hung on an angle, and I am having an impossible time finding something to complement it.  I painted the top of the flower too close to the edge, so some frames cut it too close.  The edges are stapled, so I can't leave it unframed.  I have thought about 'floating' it in a slightly larger frame, but don't quite know how to do it.  If anyone has a suggestion, I would be MOST grateful!  Sometimes, art and logic don't seem to come together....

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