Thursday, February 28, 2013


A Slump -
A Block -
A creative wasteland.
Are all artists emotionally on overdrive?
They feel,
They feel,
They wish they were numb.
Or on a creative high that
Won't be interrupted by daily life.
The mundane.
The bill paying.
The catbox cleanup.
Oh, to be alone!
Or with fascinating personalities
That spur on the ideas.
Oh, an artist must paint what he feels.
It's all black!
Red lightening bolts.
Beige Blah Bananas.
Or it's brilliant light,
Too giddy to understand.
Detailed scribbles of delight.
Contour distortions that...
Make you laugh,
Make you feel,
Make you see a new way.
Up -
No straight lines.
No dull days.
A slump.
By Rose


The Artist In Me said...

ramOh I know these feelings all too well! I say this often, but mean it as much as I say's so good to know that there are other creative minds that think and feel the same as I do!

Thanks for this post!

Rose Altom said...

I think that we ALL feel this way at some time or another. We have to stick together!