Sunday, July 31, 2011


Carousel Study

We lived in Biloxi, MS for 3 years and left just before Katrina hit the coast hard.  Every week I would go down to the beaches and do sketches of the laughing gulls (my favorite shorebird!) and the various buildings and people.  The Family Fun Center on the main beach had a wonderful old carousel, and on especially windy or rainy days, I would park my car near it and draw the horses.  I am sad to say that my trip to Biloxi this year showed how little was left after the big hurricane and the carousel is long gone, along with the house I lived in back then.  As nature does, the land is healing itself, and the beaches are clean and full of wildlife.  They aren't building tourist traps as close to the beach as they were.  I do miss the horses, though.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that Carousel. My kids really miss riding on it.