Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cool-color photo

I always like to browse the slick art magazines when I go to the book store, and the Southwestern Art mag caught my eye this  week.  Have you noticed that the new western artists are using wild bright colors in their wildlife art? I saw a buffalo done in thick primary colors, and a blue horse!  They had impact!  They were slightly abstract and just amazing!  Enough exclamation points, though. I realize every time I pick up a new art mag that it is important to keep up with the young artists, the contemporary choices.  It reminds me not to get stale, and to look at the world with new eyes.  A children's art teacher that I know is always coming up with innovative lessons for her students.  One of those lesson plans was to take a basic landscape and switch the cool colors to warm colors.  The children came up with exciting results.  Red skies and orange grass.  Purple suns.  Interesting idea, hmm?  Keeping it fresh.

Oh, some of my favorite picks for contemporary art magazines:  'Blue Canvas',  'High Fructose', and American Artist 'Drawing' Magazine.

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