Sunday, July 31, 2011


Red Fox

I painted this Red Fox on a 2"X3" canvas...amazing that I actually found a frame to fit the tiny thing.  Normally I get obsessed with the tiny details of things, and this time I chose to go more abstract with my painting.   I tried to get the essence of the fox without overwhelming the piece.  I deliberately went small so that I would NOT get overly detailed.  I am actually quite pleased with how it came out, though I think that my hubby is not too fond of it.  It gives the feeling of a delicate structure built for speed, and a curious and alert stance.  The ears are perked high to hear something in the distance and the stance shows a possibility of a quick retreat.


Anonymous said...

I can't believer this is so tiny! Do you use really small brushes?

Rose Altom said...

I use small filberts and size 0 small rounds to paint my miniatures. And a really good light with a magnifier!