Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Walk at Bear Lake

I am always in the mood to use watercolor when I am around lakes and oceans.  I suppose it is because I have never quite figured out how to draw liquid in a believable way.  As you can see, I am definitely NOT a watercolor artist, but I do love the way the color swirls into each other and dries into details of grass, sky and  water.  I took a photo of Bear Lake in Utah when we lived there.  The water in this particular lake is incredibly blue and Carribean in feeling!  I was amazed at it, and of course there is a Bear Lake monster that has been sighted over the years.  They have rigged up a tourist boat as a Monster Ship, and take interested groups out to catch a glimpse.  The beaches were wonderfully sandy.  Hubby and I did a bit of beach combing and metal detecting occassionally.  It was a great place to weekend, and my little watercolor does not do it justice, but it reminds me when I look at it of the serenity of the place, and the Huckleberry milk shakes at the concession stands!

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