Tuesday, July 12, 2011


New England Whelk

New Zealand Ostrich Foot
Mediterranean Prickly Helmet

I spent a few days at the casinos this week doing a bit of that gambling and losing thing.  My, oh my!  The frustration level was HIGH!  I had a few small wins (I only play the penny slots, as I am a low risk person), but on the whole came out in the red.  Gambling is risking.  In casinos you are risking money.  If I would put as much of a risk into my art, I might fail often, but I might occasionally come up with a win.  These days, getting your art out there into the world is a big gamble.  Heart and money are on a plate for people to break and take.  Selling your 'heart and art' in this economy isn't easy.  Probably why I am on two depression medications.  But occasionally I win a little, and that encourages me to continue to create my own view of the world.  I sold an art print of my 'Chickadee in Autumn' this week.  Hurray! This encourages me to start working harder on a website to sell my originals and prints (again, scared to risk!) You've got to take encouragement where you can get it and hang in there!  By the way, a big thanks to hubby for saying "Wow!" to my shell sketch series!  My ultimate vacation choice would be to the beaches, and I was inspired to draw these intricate works of nature's art.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE these shells!!! Your details are absolutely amazing!

Rose Altom said...

Thank you for the compliment! I had to get really close to the paper to do the detail lines. The originals are only 1 and a half inches by 2 inches.