Friday, July 29, 2011


Outdoor Picnic Still Life

I am trying to get back into my painting by finishing a few that got left behind for various reasons.  With 'Outdoor Picnic', I was in the middle of painting this piece in my backyard, when we got unexpected orders to move.  It has been packed away for quite a long time, and I rediscovered it when sorting through my studio this week.  It is acrylic on prepared masonite board, and I am rethinking the size and shape of the piece, as well as trying to figure out why I got so obsessed with the apple and didn't work on any of the rest of the still life.  I have a few issues...the leaves are from an ancient sycamore tree that I no longer can see.  I took no photos for reference.  We have no sycamores around here...should I add oak leaves to the piece?  Should I continue with the photorealism?  Or maybe go a bit more abstract with the background....?  Should I cut the painting down to a smaller size?  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!!!  Humor me and take a risk....comment button is below.

Outdoor Picnic, detail


Anonymous said...

I like the start of your painting. I would add oak leaves underneath the sycamore leaves, and get some copyright free photos of more sycamores to use as reference to finish it out.

Anonymous said...

The size is interesting, though I might take some off on the right side. What are you painting on?

Rose Altom said...

I am using untempered masonite board. Easy to cut to any size that way. And thank you guys for the help! I need the feedback to keep my spirits up and keep going.