Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Deer Collage

I tried something new...collage is very popular these days, and I love the inventiveness of it!  I took a small sketch I had done of a deer and combined it with some thin rice paper (used I think for Chinese New Year - to burn for good luck?) and a few pressed leaves.  I liked the effect of it, though it turned out to not be sturdy enough to last through transportation, even under glass.  Lesson learned. 


Anonymous said...

I have tried doing collage as well, and discovered that using the right glue has everything to do with the success of the piece. I have used Elmer's to Gorilla Glue. Does anyonoe find a glue that works really well with different surfaces?

Rose Altom said...

I find that Tacky Glue works well with just paper collages, but have had trouble with it when adding metal (such as a coin or jewelry)