Thursday, August 25, 2011


I did this sketch in conte crayon, with the need for some experience in learning more about the Masters' composition and portrait choices of head angles.  Titian had a way with head movement that made it look so animated and lovely.  I did a similar sketch back in my college days, when I was taking a clay sculpting class.  The sculpture bust came out beautifully, but the kiln firing was a disaster!  I obviously didn't hollow out the piece enough, and the ensuing explosion almost got me expelled.  All that remained of that lovely face was a nose.  I have since abandoned the use of clay, for the safety of others.  I had to promise my professor never to try it again!


Sally said...

I love pottery. Bet the Venus was pretty. Did you save the nose?

Rose said...

No, Unfortunately I didn't save the nose. Wish I had, because it was soon after this incident that I found out I was allergic to the raw clay. I never did go back to that medium.