Monday, August 22, 2011


I am still learning what NOT to do when it comes to colored pencil work.  What is wrong with this piece? 
  1.  Too thin of paper
2. Not enough layering and building up of color, especially in the candle
3.  Subject is 'floating'
What is right with the piece?  Choice of color is effective, and proportions are spot-on.  I particularly enjoyed building up the layers of the candleholder and the wooden-handled 'loader'.  (It is an antique bullet mold, or something of the sort.) I deliberately chose complementary colors to make contrast, and am fairly pleased with the effect.  I have been really influenced lately by the still lifes of some of those artists that I am following. (Check them out...listed to the right of the blog) Some of these artists, like Gwen Bell and Ryan are really gifted and amazing!  I hope to be as good as them someday.  Well, I can dream, can't I?


Joe said...

Why is the thin paper a problem? I like this a lot.

Rose said...

The thin paper is a problem because it buckles under the layering of the colored pencil. Also, it doesn't last as long as some other papers if you want to keep it a long time.