Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Study from Da Vinci Notebooks

I have learned a lot from studying some of the master's sketchbooks.  Da Vinci had a delicate hand with shaping and details, and I think that he showed real emotion with his work. Perhaps the only portraits I have really admired and wanted to emulate is Da Vinci's.  Here I have tried once again to learn from the beauty of his self-portrait that man can be incredible, superb, and full of character.


I saw a face with

character today.

It wasn't pretty,

It wasn't classic.

The face had

weathered features.

It had wrinkles.

It was crooked.

The nose was large

and bulbous.

It was broken.

It was hawkish.

The brows were wild

and wiry.

They were bushy.

They were connected.

The eyes were

slightly crossed.

They were hazel.

They were piercing.

The chin was full

of bristles.

It was square.

It was determined.

The face was full

of character.

It was beautiful.

It was timeless.

---poem by Rose Altom


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Rose Altom said...

Forgot to mention that this sketch was also done on a paper bag from the grocery store, using conte crayon. The poem I wrote was specially for the original Da Vinci piece.