Monday, August 22, 2011



I am painting again!

I chose to do a portrait of a bald eagle.  I did a bit of research, not only on eagles, but on my own past failures with paintings.  Did you know that the reason eagles always look angry or stern is because they have a little fold of skin over their eyes that helps to shield from the glare of the sun and increase their visibility?  The placement of that fold is like a lowering of eyebrows to us humans, and gives a look of solemnity.

As far as the past failures...I have noticed that the effectiveness of some of my animal portraits is decreased because I don't give it enough priority on the canvas.  I start too small with my sketch!  So this time I really filled up all of the canvas with the most important part of the eagle.  I thought about what I wanted to communicate  to the world, and put my basic sketch on the canvas with willow charcoal.

Right now I have the underpainting completed and have been adjusting my sketch of the eagle.  I had made the back of the head too large, so have resketched in the charcoal, and washes of acrylic paint. I have the possibility of a good, effective painting started.

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