Thursday, August 18, 2011


Do you feel that sometimes your studio has gotten out of control?

Do you have an addiction to art supplies that has gotten out of control?

Does household clutter end up in your studio when company comes, and it has gotten out of control?

Well, I am ashamed to say that my studio has become the bottomless pit of all things lost in this household.  I am sure that all of the socks in the world that disappear from dryers everywhere are probably in there.  Besides my art space, the studio houses the spare sofa (which I NEVER use),  games and puzzles that come out only once a year, scrapbook supplies that have gotten WAY out of control, and even the seasonal clothing...sweaters that seldom get worn because we no longer live in the north!

I haven't actually painted anything in there in a year.  I usually drag a few tubes of paint down to my kitchen table, along with a table easel.

NO MORE!  I am taking control! I am reclaiming my space for art! With sword held high, I will smite at the evil infiltrators of clutter and claim victory over the chaos!

(Hubby, quit mumbling under your breath about my being a drama queen and help me carry stuff!)


Anonymous said...

Well when you get it done you MUST help me with mine. But do you really know of any neatfreak artist's...........Seedy

jo said...

you go girl....know how it looks

Rose Altom said...

Do you suppose that chaos breeds creativity, or stunts it? I get so focused on cleaning up that I wear out before I get a chance to create!