Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Tea Ball

My favorite season is on it's way!  I love fall, autumn, cool weather, or just any excuse to have a cup of hot tea!  My mother and I used to have tea parties when I was a child, and I did the same with my children.  My daughter's favorite teapot was a blue chintz cat-shaped one, and she loved peppermint tea.  My son's favorite teapot was a vampire, and red zinger was his favorite tea because it looked red like...well, you know!  I have had every type of tea imaginable.  Most memorable over the years were watermelon tea, China brick tea (shaped into a small brick that you broke chunks off of to brew), and recently I was excited to try bird's nest tea.  Tea leaves are shaped into small bird's nests and buried in the ground to ferment for 5 to 100 years.  The flavor is incredible!  Over the years I have painted tea-inspired oils,acrylics and watercolors, and sketched many a tea kettle and tea infuser.  It is a continuing theme because it is a big part of my life.  Tea cures all, including the soul!

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