Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sketch from 1990
I found this old sketch of my daughter in an old portfolio, and it brought back lovely memories of drawing her while she snoozed on the sofa one snowy day.  She had been outside building snow forts with her brother in the 3 feet of Wyoming snow, and had exhausted her normally inexhaustable energy.
I decided on drawing her at the age of 11, from a photo that really delighted me.  She was always biting her lower lip in a nervous little habit that was endearing, and she was such a fragile, active creature that amazed me daily.  Of course, neither portrait is nearly good enough, but they do bring back some lovely memories that, to me, are better drawn, rendered with charcoal. 

Sketch of daughter from photo

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Sharon said...

I doubt your daughter was TOO embarrassed! It is hard doing loved ones, though. Good work!