Friday, August 26, 2011


My son: age 2 months

My son: Age 13
My series on portraits wouldn't be complete without doing some sketches of my own loved ones.  This is by FAR the hardest portraits to do, by the way, as they never show enough of what you want to express!  Using conte and charcoal, I used some old photos to do these completely different portraits.  Babies are really hard to do, as they are so disproportionate early on.  My son was always sticking his tongue out at me at 2 months, and continued that habit when he was a teenager as well.  Glasses are hard to put on a face in a portrait, too.  I am not pleased with the results of this attempt, but he wasn't pleased to have glasses, either.  It wasn't too long before he was into contacts and grown up.  Yikes! I really sound like a sentimental mom.  I am.  I adored my children as babies, and I adore them as adults.  Drawing them brings back memories of board games and cookies.

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Anonymous said...

Love the baby portrait! A baby's head is SO hard to do. Wonderful!